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Tailor’s Hams and Waffles

Here’s my tutorial and free patterns for making pressing hams of various sizes. And as a bonus, you get my gluten-free waffle recipe. I’ve been meaning to get an actual pressing ham forever, but instead I’ve just made do with

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Full Size Paper Dress Form

Several people have asked me if my half-scale paper dress form pattern can be enlarged to make a full scale dress form, and I wasn’t sure how well that would work, so I decided to try it. I re-made the

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KAM Snap Pliers Adapter

A while ago I got all excited about KAM Snaps and bought a bunch of them (quite possibly a lifetime supply) along with the pliers to install them. I have problems with tendonitis, and it turns out that using these

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Cord Keepers

I was always losing or breaking the rubber bands or elastic scraps that I kept around my tape measure and sewing machine cords, so when I saw some leather cord keepers on Etsy, I was inspired to make my own.

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Grow Your Own Starch

I recently started using starch when I sew, but I don’t like the¬†high cost, scent, and chemicals in commercial starch, so I make my own. Starching fabric adds preparation time, but makes sewing easier, and you get permanently crisp creases

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New Page: Sewing and Craft Recipes

I added a new page for Sewing and Craft Recipes. So far I have paper mache recipes, a paste recipe, and home made laundry starch recipes.

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