A Better Paper Tape Dress Form

A Better Paper Tape Dress Form

Serger thread spools made from cardboard toilet paper rolls

Home Made Serger Thread Spools

instructions for sewing a jeans zipper fly

Jeans Zipper Fly Tutorial

Paper Tape Skirt Form

Paper Tape Skirt Form

Seam Allowance Guides

Seam Allowance Guides

Three Eighths Scale Pants Form

Three Eighths Scale Pants Form



3 comments on “Tutorials
  1. Doug says:

    I hope you might be able to give me your thoughts on a project I am getting ready to start. I want to sew had cut craft foam fish scales to a pair of compression running pants. The idea is that the fish scales will cover the entire pair of pants. Because the compression pants stretch, I believe I will need to make a body form of me. Once I get the pants on the form how will I be able to hand sew the scales on??? I’m really stumped. If I see them onto the pants I stretched, when I put the pants on they will stretch and you will be able to see the fabric beneath the scales. Ugh!!! Any thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated


  2. Leila says:

    You could sew a row of scales onto a piece of narrow elastic (or a narrow strip of scrap knit fabric), put on the pants, tape the row of scales in place, take off the pants, and sew the elastic onto the pants, stretching the pants to fit the elastic as you sew, then repeat for each row of scales, working your way up from the ankles. You’d have to put on and take off the pants a lot of times, but it would be less work than making a body form.


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