Free Printable Tailor’s Square

Printable_L-SquareOne of my readers was inspired by my free printable French curves to create a printable pattern drafting tool of her own, which she would like to share with you.

Here is a printable tailor’s L-square, courtesy of Eva Mendoza. To make the ruler, print out the sheets at actual size. When printed to the correct scale, the border around each sheet should measure 7 inches by 10 inches.

Trim along the borders as needed, and carefully glue or tape the sheets together, checking the alignment marks and numbers on the ruler to make sure you are taping the right sheets together.

There are separate files for the front and the back, so you can print both and glue them together, keep them separate, or just use one or the other if you don’t need both sides.

14 x 24 Printable Tailor’s Square Ruler

14 x 24 Tailor’s Square Ruler (Back)


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4 comments on “Free Printable Tailor’s Square
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