More Free Printable French Curves + Hip Curves

If you’re looking for printable French curves or hip curves with measurement marks, here you go. I made both imperial (inches) and metric (centimeters) curves. The inch/centimeter marks are not numbered, so you can decide where you want to start numbering and add the numbers yourself. The pdfs have multiple pages – there are mirror image curves in case you need a curve facing the other way, and the French curves come in three sizes.

On my inkjet printer the scale only comes out right if I print on the highest quality print setting, so watch out for that. There are lots of fine lines in these drawings, too, so that’s another reason not to print with draft quality.

Either print the curves on heavy paper or print on regular paper and glue onto paperboard (such as a cereal box or notebook cover), then cut them out. The hip curves are too long to fit on a single sheet of paper, so cut along the borders and tape the two pieces together, then cut out the curve.

Click on the images below to download the pdfs.

Free printable French curve labeled in inches

Imperial French Curve

Free printable hip curved marked in inches

Imperial Hip Curve

printable French curves marked in inches

Metric French Curves

Free printable metric hip curve marked in centimeters

Metric Hip Curve

Here are the French curves I made previously:

Various sizes of free printable French curves

French Curves

And here are combination curves so you get several sizes in one:

Do you need more printable pattern drafting tools? Check out this printable L-square, too!

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43 comments on “More Free Printable French Curves + Hip Curves
  1. sarah says:

    Thanks a lot for these! you will be my sewing hero forever now and you will get a place of honour in my sewing room, guaranteed!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] They have to be pivoted, but not as many times as a straight ruler. I had better results with my free printable curves than my Dritz Styling Design Ruler. The Dritz ruler gave me such poor results (up to 1/8” off […]


  3. Helen says:

    Thanks a million! I needed a hip curve to alter a pattern but didn’t have one. I came looking for one to order and now I have one today. Things couldn’t be better.


  4. olga says:

    Thank you you so very MUCH!!!! wow who would think one would be printable!!!


  5. hindun says:

    awesome!!! thank you very very very much


  6. Izi says:

    Thank you very much. I don’t find anywhere french curves. I write about you on my blog.


  7. Konstantina says:

    Thank you so much, you have no idea how much!!!!!!!!!!


  8. lifeofskip says:

    this is so helpful, thank you!! how do you know which size to use?


    • Leila says:

      The largest size is probably most useful for making clothing for the average adult. You have to already know the approximate shape you are going for – the French curve just helps you draw a smooth curve.


  9. […] I also graded the side seams from a 16 at the bust to a 14 at the waist and a bit past a 16 at the new lower hem line. I used a hip curve I found online. […]


  10. Ovilia says:

    thank you. i just want to start sewing, hope this is really help me 🙂


  11. […] in the picture are a few things I use to help when tracing patterns, including a french curve I got FREE here. Those three pencils taped together with the emery board are what I use to add my 1.5 cm seam […]


  12. Ana Smith says:

    Thank you so very much for making these curves available. I am going to attempt to laminate them two sided!


  13. mayang_koto says:

    thank u very much 🙂


  14. […] (French curve). Tīmekļa plašumos ir pieejami izdrukājami lekālu šabloni, kā šeit – GrowYourOwnClothes blogā. Tādu var izdrukāt, izgriezt un uzlīmēt uz kartona pamatnes – budžetam […]


  15. Sharifah Nazriah Sayed Mahadi says:

    I couldn’t believe that someone like you existed. Thank you so much. I am just starting to make my own clothes and trying t find these rulers but I have issues with buying on line. I was dreaming about making my own but alas where do i start,now all I need to do is to try to get my printer to work ( another disaster bought on line)


  16. Thankyou so much!!! Suddenly had an idea to see if there was such thing and there yours was!


  17. Zawo says:

    Very smart idea to have them printable. they are rather useful in the craft. Thank uoi


  18. Jennifer Richardson says:

    I haven’t done much in my own clothes yet, and want to do some soon. What are these used for and how? (I will be doing some more research)



    • Leila says:

      The curves are used to help you draw smooth lines when you alter patterns or make your own patterns. The curves with measurement marks can also be used to help you measure around a curve (I have another post about several ways to measure along curves).


  19. […] (French curve). Tīmekļa plašumos ir pieejami izdrukājami lekālu šabloni, kā šeit – GrowYourOwnClothes blogā. Tādu var izdrukāt, izgriezt un uzlīmēt uz kartona pamatnes – budžetam […]


  20. […] tailors curve (you can print one here– I use the largest size in my video as well as the hip […]


  21. Michelle says:

    Thanks SO much!


  22. Kevin says:

    Just what I was looking for! Awesome!


  23. […] French curves (or download and print here) […]


  24. Wonder says:

    Kudos… Thank you so much. Have made several attempt in buying one online through amazon but their shipping rate is high to my country.

    Being a student without helpers, I have been saving to my last penny to order for one.

    But with you, my dreams comes through. Deep from my heart I say big THANKS.

    Please what is the paper size and the scale to print with?. I just download it now.


    • Leila says:

      The pdf’s are set up for US letter size paper, but they should also print on A4 without problems. To get the right scale, print from Adobe Acrobat Reader or another pdf reader (do not print from a web browser). When you print, set the scaling to 100% (or it may be called “no scaling” or “actual size” depending on which software you are using).


      • Adriel says:

        By the way, this no longer is the case, 100 percent in Acrobat does not produce the correct measure of the bounding box nor a true scale. When printing at 155 percent to achieve this, doesn’t fit a 8.5×11 inch page. If you have a solution, fantastic, otherwise looks like will take a plethora of time using InDesign to get them set right. TIA


        • Leila says:

          I just did a test print in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and they printed exactly to scale. Maybe in your printer settings you have the scale set to something else, and it is overriding the setting in Acrobat?


  25. Wonder says:

    OK… Thanks.

    Your name will be on my wall and my design.

    Thanks so much.


  26. Nanou Roemen says:

    Merci infiniment pour ces travaux.


  27. […] of my readers was inspired by my free printable French curves to create a printable pattern drafting tool of her own, which she would like to share with […]


  28. […] was using my printable French curves while working on a sewing pattern, and I found it useful to use two different sizes of curves. I […]


  29. Siki says:

    Thanks so much. Ordered one in the mail but too slow in coming. This is a big help!


  30. tolueniola8816 says:

    Thanks a lot. I just thought of searching for a printable french curve as i could not afford one now. ateast i can use this till i buy one.


  31. Nynke says:

    Thank you very much! (-;
    As we are currently in lockdown here in France this printable comes in very handy!
    This allows me to destress a bit whilst sewing!


  32. […] un vistazo a esta ubicación para ver curvas francesas descargables y curvas de cadera que puedes imprimir y usar en tu dibujo […]


  33. […] Also wanted to mention that if you’re poor like me (cries), you can download free French curve printables off the interweb. I got mine from here: […]


  34. quawra franklyn says:

    I am so very much grateful for this…I am a novice at sewing and in find this so useful….thank you much…


  35. Jerry says:

    Thank youuu so much big help!!!Godbless


  36. […] French curves (or download and print here) […]


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