Sewing machine needle organization

Every time I used to switch to a different type or size of sewing machine needle I would put the used needle in my pincushion and put a brand new one in the sewing machine, since it was hard to tell what types of needles I had in the pincushion without getting out a magnifying glass. One day I realized I had over twenty needles in my pincushion and I decided I needed to do something about it.

Sewing machine needle organization card

I cut a card sized piece out of a manila folder and marked a grid on one side. I punched holes to hold the needles and labeled what type and size each one was using abbreviations. I wrote everything in pencil so I could erase and re-label as necessary. On the left side of the card I wrote an explanation of the abbreviations I used.

Now when I need to switch needles I check the card first, and I’m down to nine used needles.

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