Cap Sleeve Sheath Dress

This cap sleeve sheath dress will fit the half scale dress forms I designed.

Get the free pdf sewing pattern for the dress.


Get a pattern to make your own dress form to put the dress on:

Mini Stuffed Dress Form is sewn in fabric and stuffed. Comes with patterns for a half scale, one third scale, and quarter scale dress form.

Stuffed Fabric Half Scale Dress Form is simpler to make than the Mini Stuffed Form, and only comes in half scale.

Paper Half Scale Dress Form. Print the pattern on heavy paper and cut it out, then glue and tape it together. This dress form can optionally be covered with paper mache. I also have a non-stretch fabric Cover Pattern for this form, and a free Knit Cover Pattern.

If you would like to make your own clothing patterns for your dress form, you can start with this set of Half Scale Block Patterns.




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